Is the quartz movement in the replica watches?

Quartz movement and movement in different directions, the quartz movement is guided by the very stable electric frequency of the vibration of the quartz oscillation, so that the wrong quartz movement is very small, no more than 5 seconds per day, the average error in recent years is radiochasove fixed time per day The transmission of radio waves is automatically calibrated by Henan because, as long as there is a battery, there is basically no error. The downside is that the battery can't replace it.

Wind or mechanical energy is usually linear during the mechanical replica rolex movement of the movement of the mechanical energy of the movement, for example, sometimes very fast, sometimes slow, but the technology continues to develop, the mechanical movement is more perfect set - PA: punk Phillips Shlon Constantine Cartier... Even if the mechanical precision is high, but the price...

All in all, if it is practical for a short time, it is still a quartz movement. If this is a collection, the mechanical core will inevitably improve fake watches the index of the vestibule.